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         作为西门子公司长期稳定的代理商,我公司有着10 余年产品的销售和服务经验,无论从专业技术水平、现货及备件库存量、售后服务质量、仪表维护以及故障产品国内维修能力等方面,都具备显著的优势。尤其是我公司一流的技术支持和高效率高品质的服务体系,在业界具有很高的知名度.

      Beijing Dellsonics Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (Originally named Beijing Milltronics. Co. Ltd.) located in the South Street Zhongguancun Haidian District Beijing. We are one of the Commission Agents of Siemens-Milltronics and the Technical Service Center. We have sell Milltronics products and provided services for more than 10 years. And we provide the only maintenance services interiorly. We have higher popularity by our professional technology, quick maintenance, timely and nice after-sale services. 

      We have large quantity of stock items all year round. And we sell domestic fittings at a cheaper price.

      Milltronics was founded in 1954, Universally accepted as the leader of ultrasonic level measurement, the biggest producer of ultrasonic level instruments in the world. Milltronics has more than 60 patents in the field of ultrasonic, radar and capacitance. The all round performance of ultrasonic instruments is on the top of the list in the world by the USA magazine Control

      The products of Milltronics include: Ultrasonic transmitters, Ultrasonic controllers, Ultrasonic transducers, such as Probe LU, Probe LR, Multiranger100, Multiranger 200, LU01, LU02, etc. Radar transmitters, such as: LR200, LR250(new), LR400, LR460(new),etc, Capacitance transmitters, such as: LC300, LC500,etc, Ultrasonic transceivers for interface detection ,such as DPS300,etc, Ultrasonic controller for open channel flow: OCMIII, Capacitance switches, such as: CLS100, CLS200, CLS300,etc, Vibrating point switches, Rotary paddle switches, Belt weigher, Mass flowmeter, etc.

      Our company is one of the Core partners of Siemens Process Instrumentation and Analytics, and we singed up with them officially. We offer following Siemens products: Electromagnetic flowmeter, Mass flowmeter, Ultrasonic flowmeter, Measuring instruments for temperature, Measuring instruments for pressure, Electropneumatic positioners, Gas analyzer and any products belong to Siemens Process Instrumentation and Analytics.  



      公司电话:010-88579530  传真:分机50

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